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Sunday, July 17, 2005

A good place to start a walk around Quebec is at the parliament building. Posted by Picasa
This was a really cool building, with a dark blue door framed by these lovely orange flowers. Posted by Picasa
One of the many attractive building fronts in Old Quebec. Posted by Picasa
Brave Natalia, suffering through and surviving a week with my family. Posted by Picasa
I thought this was a pretty nice image, with the American flag still at half mast for the London bombings. I think this is the Chateau Frontenac, although I may be and probably am mistaken. Posted by Picasa
Looking out over the Petit Champlain area and out to the St. Lawrence River. Posted by Picasa
Looking down on jumble of buildings in the Petit Champlain area of Quebec, not far from the port area. Posted by Picasa
A picture that could be from any number of European cities, or Quebec. Posted by Picasa
One of the great things about Quebec are the different colors used to paint windows and doors - it really brings the old buildings alive. Posted by Picasa
I found this eye catching. The hoop is in the courtyard of a huge white university building. Except for the white of the building, and the black of the windows, the only color was this bright red rim. Posted by Picasa
This is the side of a church.  Posted by Picasa
This is house number 42, on some street, somewhere in Quebec. Posted by Picasa
This was from the entrance to The Plains of Abraham, looking back towards the city. Posted by Picasa
This is possibly the most striking picture I took on the whole trip.  Posted by Picasa
Old Town street scene. Posted by Picasa
You can just see my mom and dad walking up there - looking, as Natalia said, just like an American tourist is supposed to look like. You can also get a bit of a sense of the way the Old Town area in Quebec is raised above the rest of the city. Posted by Picasa
One of the historic buildings in Montreal's Old Town - which one, I'm not sure. In case you havan't noticed, I'm quite bad about knowing what it is I am taking a picture of. Posted by Picasa
In both Quebec and Montreal we had a lot of sun which meant that there were long shadows falling all around. Posted by Picasa
I don't know why I took this picture, but if nothing else it is a bit different. Posted by Picasa
This is from a street a few blocks behing the line of houses in the following picture. Something about being in an old town area with such a European feel made me want to take a lot of black and white images. Posted by Picasa
This is same line of buildings that can be seen in the following picture. I wish badly that I was about six inches taller so that I could have framed the picture better without having to cut off the top of the lamp. Posted by Picasa
This is looking across the street from the port area towards the old town and beyond. We could not have asked for a much nice day in Montreal.  Posted by Picasa
I took this after we had visited the Biodome out near Montreal's Olympic Park. This was looking back as we entering the underground station. Posted by Picasa
This was taken in Montreal's downtown area, along Rue St. Catherine.  Posted by Picasa
More black and white from the Old Town. Posted by Picasa