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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hello! I know it's been awhile since I've posted any pics here, so I figured I would post a bunch from downtown Cincy today. It may be a few more days before any more come. As for this one, Natalia and I were almost back to the car when I happened to glance down an alley (actually, I glance into just about any alley wherever I am). I loved the ghostly quality of the light. Posted by Hello
A slightly longer view of the previous shot, and in black and white.  Posted by Hello
This did not turn out nearly as well as I wanted it to. Having said that, I still kind of like it.  Posted by Hello
I think this is a pretty trippy image, the way the buildings seem to be one, even though they are separated by about 10 lanes of traffic and some sidewalk. Posted by Hello
The buildings seem so small in Cincinnati. In the background are the two tallest. In the foreground is the new Underground Railroad Museum...very cool place. Posted by Hello
This is near the entrance of a parking garage. Posted by Hello
A walkway above the street leading the 5/3rd bank building. Posted by Hello
I really like the way this turned out, with the three buildings seeming to be one, especially with the contrasting styles of the buildings. Posted by Hello
I really like this image, with the shapes and the reflections. Posted by Hello
I thought I would post this one in black and white as well. I like it better this way, Natalia likes the one in color. What do you think? Posted by Hello
Something about the color in this one... Posted by Hello
One thing I noticed walking around downtown yesterday (besides the lack of people on the sidewalks) was the lack of neon. This was one of the few neon lights I really noticed, although you really can't tell from the angle I took the pic. Posted by Hello
Nothing really stands out in this, I think, but I kind of like it anyway.. Posted by Hello
Some bright red roses in the windows of St. Louis Church. Posted by Hello
If you happen to read the post I wrote today (that being June 30) on Out in the World, you will see I mention taking pictures in the same alleys a character I wrote about once taking pictures in. This is one of those alleys, near the courthouse. Posted by Hello
A different angle on the previous picture. Posted by Hello
I was feeling a bit patriotic when I noticed a ray of sun breaking through the smog and lighting the flag in front of the courthouse.  Posted by Hello
I forget which building this was on, but I know it was near the courthouse and I'm pretty sure the building will soon house several pricey lofts. Posted by Hello
A single line of blue sky amidst the buildings. I guess this caught my eye because I've seen nothing by smog gray skies since I've been home. And I thought Taipei was bad... Posted by Hello
And finally, the most-oft photo'd Cincy landmark - the Tyler-Davidson Fountain on Fountain Square. Posted by Hello